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21st Century Shoeshine Service

How well presented is your workforce?

Encourage all employees to relay the most professional corporate image by holding a Shoeshine Day as a one-off perk or a periodic in-office service provision. And at no cost to the company!

As well as large offices, we specialise in visits to smaller boutique firms in central London.*

Your firm’s office manager is asked to communicate to all staff, first to set the day and then to remind staff on the eve of day visit to bring in their – and their partner’s – spare shoes and boots from home, for cleaning only and/or for repair.

We operate from a surface in a spare meeting room, on which we place a large plastic cover.

In the morning staff come and check-in and pay (we take contactless card payments as well as cash) for their own bag of shoes and/or the shoes they are wearing (we provide black hotel style slippers while the shoes they are wearing are with us).

There is an express return service, upon request, for those with an imminent external appointment.

Otherwise shoes are collected from lunchtime onwards the same day from the allocated meeting room, in our own protective labeled bags, placed in name order.

Why not trial a first visit then decide when in the future to set your next Shoeshine Day?

Leather / Suede / Nubuck Shoes & Boots professionally cleaned using Cherry Blossom Premium renovating polish plus material and techniques you cannot copy in your own home, to shine, protect and restore even old shoes left in the closet. £5 per pair OR £4 per pair for 3 pairs or more
Full price list at check-in (NB shoes returned two days later to reception in name labeled bags). Free shine with all repairs.  
• New shoe laces (formal round thin in black or brown) £2.50
• Quality wooden shoe trees (High Street price £15) £9.99

* Minimum visit quantity 25 pairs total – for cleaning and/or repair

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